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A type of positive displacement pump that uses three screw-shaped rotors to move fluid. In this configuration, one main rotor (drive screw) drives two slave rotors (idler screws). These three rotors rotate in the pump casing, creating a closed space that moves fluid from the inlet to the outlet. These pumps are known for their efficiency in handling high viscosity fluids as well as their ability to provide steady, pulsation-free flow.

Types of Three Screw Pumps

Three Screw Pump with High Pressure:

  • Characteristics: Designed to handle high pressures, suitable for applications requiring fluid transfer under significant pressure.
  • Applications: Hydraulic systems, fuel injection and oil distribution.

High Volume Triple Screw Pump:

  • Characteristics: Designed to handle large volume flows of fluids with low to medium viscosity.
  • Applications: Chemical processing, lubricating oil distribution, and general industrial applications.

Triple Screw Pump Market Segment

Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Application: Used for pumping crude oil, refined oil products, as well as in oil transfer systems in refineries.
  • Requirements: Ability to handle high viscosity fluids and operate at high pressure.

Marine Industry:

  • Application: Used for pumping lubricating oil, fuel and hydraulic systems on ships.
  • Requirements: Resistance to harsh marine conditions and high reliability.

Hydraulic Industry:

  • Application: Used in hydraulic systems to pump hydraulic oil and other hydraulic fluids.
  • Requirement: Ability to provide steady flow and high pressure.

Chemical Industry:

  • Application: Used for pumping chemicals, solvents and viscous liquids in chemical production processes.
  • Requirements: Resistance to corrosive chemicals and the ability to handle fluids of varying viscosities.

Energy Industry:

  • Application: Used in power plants for lubrication and fluid transfer systems.
  • Requirements: High reliability and ability to handle high pressure fluid flows.