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A type of positive displacement pump that moves fluid using rotating gears. The fluid is transferred through the process of trapping the fluid between the gear teeth and the casing, then flows from the inlet to the outlet due to the rotation of the gear. Gear pumps are renowned for their ability to pump high viscosity fluids while providing steady flow and constant pressure.

Types of Gear Pumps

External Gear Pump (External Gear Pump):

  • Configuration: Consists of two interlocking gears in the casing.
  • Characteristics: High efficiency, suitable for fluids with low to high viscosity, and produces high pressure.
  • Application: Fuel, lubricating oil and hydraulic applications.

Internal Gear Pump:

  • Configuration: Has one internal gear that interacts with an external gear in the casing.
  • Characteristics: More compact design, handles very high viscosity fluids, quieter operation, and produces minimal flow pulsation.
  • Applications: Food liquids, syrups, chemicals and heavy oils.

Crescent Gear Pump (Lobe Gear Pump):

  • Configuration: Uses two crescent-shaped rotors that rotate in the casing.
  • Characteristics: Larger flow capacity, able to handle particles in liquids, and suitable for high viscosity liquids.
  • Applications: Food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Gear Pump Market Segments

Gear pumps are used in a variety of industries and applications, including:

Automotive Industry:

  • Application: Lube oil, fuel and transmission fluid pumps in vehicle systems.
  • Requirements: Flow stability and ability to handle fluids of different viscosities.

Chemical Industry:

  • Application: Pumping chemicals, solvents and resins.
  • Requirement: Resistant to corrosive and high viscosity fluids.

Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Application: Pumping syrup, chocolate, molasses, vegetable oil and other liquid products.
  • Requirements: Cleanliness (hygienic) and ability to handle thick liquids.

Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Application: Pumping pharmaceutical raw materials, drug syrups, and other liquids that require sterile and precise handling.
  • Requirement: Hygienic and high precision operation.

Agricultural Industry:

  • Application: Pumping liquid fertilizer and agricultural chemicals.
  • Requirements: Resistance to corrosive fluids and the ability to pump viscous fluids.

Pulp and Paper Industry:

  • Application: Pumping liquid pulp and chemicals used in the paper production process.
  • Requirements: Ability to handle viscous and corrosive liquids.