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A type of positive displacement pump that uses a screw-shaped rotor that rotates inside an elastomer stator to move fluid. The helical rotor rotates inside the stator which is also helical but with a slightly different geometry, creating a series of chambers or “cavities” that move from the inlet to the outlet as the rotor rotates. These pumps are known for their ability to handle high viscosity fluids, abrasive fluids and fluids containing solid particles.

Types of Single Screw/Progressive Cavity Pumps

Standard Pump:

  • Characteristics: Has a single rotor that rotates inside the stator with a typical helical shape.
  • Application: Used for medium to high viscosity fluids, including sludge, sludge, heavy oil and chemicals.

High Cleanliness Pump (Hygienic Pump):

  • Characteristics: Made from rust-resistant materials and meets food and pharmaceutical industry hygiene standards.
  • Application: Used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to handle liquids that require high cleanliness, such as dairy products, syrups and liquid pharmaceutical ingredients.

Abrasive Resistant Pump:

  • Characteristics: Designed with special materials to handle liquids containing abrasive or solid particles.
  • Applications: Used in the mining industry, waste water treatment, and other applications involving abrasive fluids.

Multistage Pump:

  • Characteristics: Has several stages (multistage) rotor and stator arranged in series to increase the pressure produced.
  • Applications: Used in applications requiring high pressure, such as in oil and gas processing or in the chemical industry.

Progressive Single Screw/Cavity Pump Market Segment

Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Application: Used to pump crude oil, drilling mud and high viscosity fluids in exploration and production processes.

Water and Waste Treatment Industry:

  • Application: Used for pumping mud, waste water, and liquids containing solid particles in waste water treatment and clean water treatment processes.

Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Application: Used to pump thick liquid materials that require high cleanliness such as dairy products, syrups, sauces and drinks.

Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Application: Used to pump pharmaceutical raw materials, drug syrups, and other liquid pharmaceutical materials that require sterile and high precision handling.

Agricultural Industry:

  • Application: Used to pump liquid fertilizer, slurries and other agricultural chemicals.

Pulp and Paper Industry:

  • Application: Used to pump liquid pulp, chemical water, and chemicals used in the papermaking process.