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A type of pump designed to move very precise amounts of fluid in small volumes. These pumps are used for injection of chemicals, additives, or other fluids in industrial processes. Its main purpose is to ensure that the correct amount of a particular fluid is added to a system or process.

Types of Chemical Dosing/Metering/Injection Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps (Diaphragm Pumps):

  • Characteristics: Uses a moving diaphragm to move fluids. Known for its ability to handle corrosive fluids and high fluid purity as no moving parts come into direct contact with the fluid.
  • Applications: Water treatment, chemical industry, and pharmaceuticals.

Piston Pumps (Piston Pumps):

  • Characteristics: Uses a piston that moves back and forth in a cylinder to move fluid. Known for its high dosage precision and ability to handle high pressure.
  • Applications: Oil and gas industry, chemical processing and other high pressure applications.

Peristaltic Pumps (Peristaltic Pumps):

  • Characteristics: Uses a peristaltic mechanism where fluid is pumped through an elastic tube by compressing and releasing the tube. Ideal for sensitive and sterile fluids.
  • Applications: Food and beverage industry, laboratories, and medical applications.

Gear Pumps (Gear Pumps):

  • Characteristics: Uses gears to move fluids with high precision. Suitable for low to medium viscosity fluids.
  • Application: Chemical processing and pharmaceutical industry.

Magnetic Pumps (Magnetic Drive Pumps):

  • Characteristics: Uses a magnetic field to move the impeller or rotor, so there is no direct contact between the moving parts and the fluid, reducing the risk of leaks.
  • Application: Hazardous and corrosive chemical processing.

Chemical Dosing/Metering/Injection Pump Market Segment

Chemical Industry:

  • Application: Used for injection of hazardous chemicals, corrosives, and additives in chemical production processes.
  • Requirements: High dosing precision and ability to handle aggressive chemicals.

Water and Waste Treatment:

  • Application: Used to add chemicals such as chlorine, coagulants, and pH regulators in drinking water and wastewater treatment.
  • Need: Dosing accuracy and high reliability to maintain water quality.

Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Application: Used for injection of chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, and other chemicals in oil and gas production and processing processes.
  • Requirements: Ability to handle high pressure and corrosive fluids.

Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Application: Used for high precision pumping of pharmaceutical raw materials, injection solutions and medical fluids.
  • Requirements: Very high hygiene, sterilization, and dosing accuracy.

Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Application: Used to add additives, flavorings and preservatives in the food and beverage production process.
  • Requirements: Hygienic, ability to handle thick liquid materials, and high precision.

Agricultural Industry:

  • Application: Used for injection of liquid fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals in irrigation and agricultural systems.
  • Requirements: Resistance to aggressive chemicals and reliability in a wide range of field conditions.